What makes Flat Cap Rum so good?

Flat Cap Rum stands out for several reasons:

• Craftsmanship: Each bottle of Flat Cap Rum is meticulously
crafted using traditional Caribbean techniques, ensuring a superior quality

• Premium Ingredients: Only the finest ingredients are used
in the production of Flat Cap Rum, from carefully selected sugarcane to natural
flavourings like vanilla, cherry, honey, and spices.

• Unique Flavors: Flat Cap Rum offers a diverse range of flavours,
from classic blends to innovative infusions like Vanilla and Cherry or Mixed
Spice, providing something for every palate.

• Smoothness: Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in
cocktails, Flat Cap Rum boasts a smooth and luxurious texture that delights the
senses with each sip.

• Versatility: Flat Cap Rum is versatile enough to be
enjoyed in various ways, making it suitable for both casual gatherings and
special occasions.

• Attention to Detail: From the distillation process to the
packaging, Flat Cap Rum reflects a commitment to excellence and attention to
detail, ensuring a consistently exceptional product.

Overall, it's the combination of craftsmanship, premium
ingredients, unique flavors, smoothness, versatility, and attention to detail
that makes Flat Cap Rum stand out and earn its reputation for excellence.

Flat Cap Rum, Dash of Honey, Vanilla and Cherry, Mixed Spice.

3 The Hard Way

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Customer Testimonials

Honey Dreaaam

Wow - I was surprised how much Ioved this flavour. Flat Cap to the world and back!

Andy Johnson 

My favourite flavour

I love this interpretation of the traditional rum - highly recommended!

Imisi Adefala 

Shout out to Flat Cap!

Love this - this is now my go to brand to get rum from. Right in time for Summer!

Amy Harvey

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