Building on traditional spirits, we create new flavours to bring you exciting rum from a truly black owned brand.

3 The Hard Way

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On the rocks or in a cocktail - our premium rum brings you wonderful new flavours that can be enjoyed however you like it. Please drink responsibly.

Wow what a smell and taste! If you are a big honey person you will love this rum from @flatcapdrinks. The aroma coming from the bottle was like opening a fresh jar of your favourite honey! So good!

On the palate it’s a continuation of that wonderful honey flavour you have already been smelling, like yesterday’s vanilla and cherry rum it’s made with a premium white rum which you can really taste towards the end which gives you a smooth warmth after the sweetness of the honey. We really enjoyed tasting this rum!!

The Drink Review

Like the two previous rums we have reviewed over the past couple of days @flatcapdrinks have used a premium white rum, sourced from the West Indies, and this time have added some spice!

A really nice easy to drink rum, a mixture of spices on the nose and palate offer a great rum to have on the rocks or with a premium mixer. I would recommend a ginger beer or cola to mix for a long drink. On the whole a really good quality rum to be enjoyed in a variety of ways!

The Drink Review

Very light in colour when poured over ice with an almost red tinge to the light brown.

Once you open the rum and take that first sniff you will be hit with the vanilla flavour first and then it is followed by the sweetness of the cherry. A very sweet fruity aroma on the whole.

On the palate you will find yourself once again tasting those two main flavours of vanilla and cherry which have been added to a premium base white rum which gives you a nice warmth at the end of every sip. The flavour of the cherry is subtle and not overwhelming like some cherry flavoured drinks which makes this a very pleasurable rum.

The Drink Review