About us

Our family roots stem from Burnt Savannah Westmoreland Jamaica and cross the seas 4000 miles to South London in the UK. We came from humble beginnings where 12 people lived in our family home pictured here where 5 brothers and 5 sisters were raised.

Our Name

Billy Balton Mckitty 1936 - 2015

The name Flat Cap is paying homage to our late father who arrived from Jamaica in the early 1950's and was known for wearing a Flat Cap! and we are honoured to bare that symbol in our logo and our name.

Our product

Our initial product is rum as this spirit is close to our heart and our roots but we will add more drinks in the future. We pride ourselves on quality and taste and infuse flavour with experience. We use a premium rum base from the Caribbean and distill and add flavours to bring you an unforgettable taste experience.

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Our Mission

To become the first black British owned Wholesale company to produce and sell their own brand of

Spirits to the UK market.

As a boutique business, we aim to keep our overheads low to be able to provide a great service and appeal to an existing marketplace with fresh, new products.

Flat Cap Drinks Company Ltd is a brand new company in the marketplace established in 2020, we are London based which is where the owner was born and raised and therefore we are a UK company. 


We have tasted Rums from most parts of the Caribbean so by 

building on traditional spirits, we create new flavours to bring you exciting rum and in the future other spirits. 



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